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Here are 10 Tips for Creating a Character and a Strong Brand Blog

 Maybe your blog has begun to make money, maybe you can make a lot of blogs all you want, but without a strong character, your blog will be difficult to become successful blogging spectacular. Visitors will only come once and (perhaps) will never come back again.

If you still remember the secret of blogging I've ever squawk how secrets for visitors coming back to your blog. Also I have to say how to popularize your blog.

Someone asked what the importance of visitors back again and again?

Obviously a lot of benefits. If you have a shop or stall, you definitely want to stall or your store is always crowded. If you can not move even a day visitor from your store. :)

Likewise with blogs. Blog is not an online store even if it could also be enabled for it if desired. But clearly in my experience blogs have the power to do soft selling is awesome.

For this reason the importance of having a strong character blogs. Of the characters that will be formed brand your blog. So visitors will know more about your identity. With more known, visitors will choose to always come to your blog.

Just as if I am asked, "what brand of toothpaste do you remember?" Surely you will mention a few. Not more than 10 brands I'm sure. Effect of top of mind it can join an impact on the election of toothpaste that you buy when shopping.

Could be there are more brands of toothpaste that you know but do not you choose to buy. The reason could be due to certain factors, such as pricing or the specific reasons of which are still up to the sometimes senseless nature very individual. Have a friend buy a product, just because the same product owned by the artist adored. Or there is a story if his friends to buy a product just because there is cat motif. Consumers sometimes really difficult to guess his will. :)

But clearly, have a strong character blog brings many benefits, among others:

    * Create your blog brand more clearly, so do not confuse visitors.
    * Make strong your personality shine through your blog, so you become a person and not the average person.
    * Got a more audible sound of visitors.

You may ask, "What can I make my blog like that?"

Learn ten tips to make a character and a strong brand following blogs.

   1. Be yourself is the best. It's easier to be yourself than to be someone else. So, show your best self through your blog.
   2. Explain who you are. Who are you? Why are you blogging? What do you want to talk through your blog? What is the best thing to yourself? Tell me through your blog.
   3. Write according to your style. Fill your post as usual style. No need to made-up style. Each person has his own style.
   4. Galang community. Find the people who have interest in your community and girder. That will help the development of your blog.
   5. Establish rapport. Many friends had a lot of luck!
   6. Express an opinion. Do not be shy. Remove the contents of your head and share it with visitors.
   7. Interaction. Develop interaction with your blog visitors.
   8. No need to bother. If anyone does not agree or not agree with your opinion, do not have a headache. The important thing is do the best you can do to share with others.
   9. Know who your visitors. you know who the visitors to your blog and what they need. That way, you can provide the appropriate information for them.
  10. Take the higher target. 've felt your blogging goals achieved? Try to take a higher target. There is always a way to hone your skills better. Never be satisfied and stop ACTION!

That's ten tips to make a character and a strong brand blogs. Hopefully useful and greeting ACTION!
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