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6 Ways to capture Interesting Business Ideas in the Internet

Nothing is difficult in the Internet business. You are only required to have two terms. First, interest. Second, creative.

Simple right?

Interest is the gate that you must pass before glancing at this business. Remember the adage, "where there's a will there is a way?"

Clearly dong ... if you do not have interest, there is no recourse. If you do not want to be rich yes ... it can not become rich.

Then, creativity. You must explore your ideas. Do not be satisfied with the current. Be creative people who could draw on the concepts of web sites and internet business models that already exist. Create a product that answers the needs of the market!

Can you just duplicate another website, but you must bring something unique in your website. You need to know, there is nothing really new on the internet.

So how to keep creative? That's easy! You may not lazy. Find lots of knowledge about the web site. Diligent browsing the website. Learning from models of web sites that you encounter. This process is important you do to find inspiration.

I own it took ten months for surfing in a sea of web sites before finding the right method for my product.

Well, so you do not mumet and confused looking for the source of inspiration, please follow my tricks. I call this business model research. Following ways effectively to find web sites that ciamik!

    * Use the ranking list. You can begin to research by searching the list of rankings (ranking list). Suppose you come across Alexa's Top 500 or Technocrati's Top 100. Well, in the ranking list that can you can the names of websites (display the website) you can visit. Learn web site. You just visit it once. Because we can be sure that the website will not change much in the near future.
    * Try fun web site link. Sometimes, we did not expect while on a website, the link is not less interesting. Because it is occasionally isenglah clicking the link site. Not bad at all browsing, two web sites are exceeded ...
    * Visit the social community site. You know the usual web sites containing social information? For example, Digg or Reddit. These web sites contain interesting new information. You can learn a lot from there. Try searching for an answer why many people are drawn to the site.
    * Use the webmaster forums. Forum webmasters that contains the Web site manager who is also aimed at looking for revenue. By joining these forums you can find interesting sites. Just visit this forum once a week. Because the sites on this forum have the same business model. Also worthy of you visit the website of sale (sales site section) and web site marketing (site point's Marketplace). The website of this kind can give input on how to sell products and make money.
    * Read the collection of information (news aggregator). You can access information by specific topic by using the info gatherers (news aggregator). Here you can find not only the website that you want. But, they also provide a link to connect you with other related web sites.
    * Do a survey. Suggestions from visitors are very useful for the progress of your site. Because, the advice is often directed at specific things. Create a structured questionnaire on the visitors. At least, you so know how their response to the existence of your site. Next live develop your web site.

Uh yeah ... almost forgot. There's another one! You have to keep doing this research for your web site continues to grow and profitably. Create a special schedule of research, a few hours a week will suffice.

Next ... congratulations fight in a virtual industry! And ... please ask, "what kind of web site profitable? And what kind of business model that works for your web site? "

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