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Know Affiliate Programs

As I wrote earlier, is the marketing Affiliate Programs that rely on community fundraising to market the product. Affiliate Program Up to now one of the most popular way many do business online. Because it can expand its marketing network to effectively and efficiently.

How it works?

For example, there are a website owner who wants to sell its products. These products can be ebooks, software, etc.. Well, the owner of this site has a network of marketers (read: Affiliate Marketer) who sell these products to potential buyers.

If these marketers managed to get a buyer, or successfully sell the products before, then he got a commission. The product owner determines the amount of the commission. There are 25%, some are giving 50% of the selling price.

The owners of this web site is called affiliate merchants. Medium potential buyers of products called leads or prospects.

For clarity, let me give a concrete example.

I have a site and I offer affiliate programs. Say you are interested, then register on the website with the username "blogjk". When registering, you must fill out the form with name, address, telephone number, account number, etc..

Then I handed the affiliate agreement, which contains the agreement on the terms and conditions to become an affiliate marketer on my site. If you already agree with the affiliate agreement which I propose, you will get an affiliate link or address This address should you promote.

Well, if one day there are visitors who buy my products through this link, you will get a commission. The amount of commission that I give is usually 50% of the selling price. So, for example, the buyer bought my ebook product called Automatic Money Machine System (SMUO) for Rp 100,000, then you get a commission of USD 50,000.

By participating in affiliate programs, you do not need to have their own web sites. To make money, just join web sites that offer a program like this.

Oh yes ... there are many other advantages that you can get from this business model.

    * You do not have to bother making the product. Your job is only to deliver the buyer the seller.
    * You can choose a variety of affiliate programs that you want. Try to visit There you can find thousands of sites that provide affiliate programs. So, you can have many sources of income.
    * The Commission offered these programs are usually relatively high. Between 10% -95%.
    * You can make the affiliate program as a source of passive income. How come? Yes, because you only need to stay home and not have to go everywhere. And, the money will come alone. The important thing is you still promote. Or even, you can still do your offline business.

I hope you are not confused anymore ... if you are still confused as well, let's try to join one affiliate program. The confusion you will definitely decrease.

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