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Which is More Important: Content or Design?

Not a few newbies when they wanted to create a website or blog is usually focused on design matters. Design a major concern which then defeated another concern.

I agree that design could help to better tersampaikannya message to visitors. But at the beginning of web design is far more important things to note are about your goal: to what you create the web?

To make money from the internet, or to make your name better known to many people, or perhaps for the promotion of products on the internet. Whatever your goal, remember well these goals. Because for that you create a website or blog.

    A clear purpose helps you focus.

It is important how the link between the objectives of your website with the benefit that you can give to visitors through your content. How do you explain in simple and easy to understand their services or products you offer. How is your item can lure visitors and they do what you want.

Now back to the earlier design. If you ask about why someone comes to your website or blog? Is it because the design of the blog or your website is good?

I do not think so. Visitors come to your website because the search for solutions to problems that it faces. They came because he needed to find the product. Or they could also come to your website to get the latest news. When viewed, all the above in no way associated with the design, but content.

So if most visitors are looking for information, why we are too fixated on the matter of design?

If you are just fixated on the design and even forget about the content, your web difficult to achieve its objectives. Content needs to get major attention. Next follow with a design for your content look more attractive.

The exception of course if your blog or website associated with the design world, such as for example a web design or graphic design. Of course design matters can not be underestimated. For those who come will want to see your design work. However, once again the design can not stand alone. You need the words to explain your design concept.

Here I do not think the design is not important. Design is also important because it can add charm to your web. Design can also make your brand rise.

It's just that you should put something appropriate portions. If you devote excessive attention on the design and forget the content at the beginning of building the web, web worried you do not immediately reach the target early (in formulabisnis this I refer to as stage make momentum traffic) because the energy was already exhausted to think about design. If it were so, it is definitely hard to achieve the purpose of making a web.

Remember also, Google made a search of pay per click ads based on the content of a web and not design. Because Google conscious visitors use the Internet to find information.
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